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The Penny Just Dropped

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I never gave a second thought to what the “bb” meant in the name of the live porn cam site Cambb. Only when i was reading what some of the people were typing in the chat window did I realise it’s another linguistic butchering of the word “babe”.

It doesn’t even feel like it’s that long ago when the internet decided to adopt an accidental misspelling of the word and had it shortened to “bae” cause you know, we’re retarding as a species. Now it seems to have made its way to the next step of idiot evolution and has become “bb”.

Enough of my ranting though as if I’m the grammar police especially as it was actually my intention to rave.

I’m not usually a fan of the cam sites but this one is simply fantastic. One of the things I enjoy most about it is the sheer volume and variety. I have deliberately checked on the weirdest hours, even when Europe and North America are typically not online and never have I seen less than 5,000 performers online.


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