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Will going to a sexchat webcam room help you score?

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As I mentioned earlier the overall trend in online adult entertainment is towards a free model, where you can do a sex chat online with any girl of your liking. This is very easy to see because a lot of high quality, high production videos that are often available in high definition are now absolutely free. Of course, a big part of this trend in free entertainment is because of the fact that there’s a lot of piracy going on. But setting that aside, a lot of companies are really essentially engaged in a race to the bottom. They keep undercutting each other and just flooding the market with all sorts of free samples until the consumer has reached a point where they expect free stuff. Do you see where this is going? So it’s like a downward spiral.

Once you’ve educated consumers to expect free stuff, it’s going to be very, very difficult to get them to reverse course. It’s going to be very difficult for them to whip out those credit cards to pay for their entertainment. After all, you’ve already educated them that this type of entertainment is absolutely free. They might, at the back of their heads, be thinking that they’re idiots for paying for this stuff.

This is why private webcam shows have been invented. Webcam shows used to be paid, now they’re free. Well, to an extent, you go to a webcam show, and you can really on the fact the model will take off her clothes. She will show you her naughty parts. What you cannot rely on is whether she will do anything else. That’s what private webcam shows are for.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys are under the misconception that if they go into a private webcam show, they will have a good time with the model, that she would do whatever they want. The problem here is that you’re not going to necessarily score with the model in a private webcam show unless you have a solid game. What I mean by that is if you already know how to talk to women, you would do well. If you’re an idiot with women, chances are she won’t do much of anything except go through a routine in a very lifeless and mechanical way.

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